3 Dream Pool Designs for Your Small Backyard

Think a small backyard means saying goodbye to your swimming pool dreams? Think again.

If you think a home swimming pool is a luxury only reserved for those swimming in backyard space then it’s time to reshape those thoughts! 

If you’d love a pool but are concerned about not having enough space, here are our favourite small backyard pool designs that will have you re-imagining that dream today.

1. The Plunge Pool
Versace Pool by Port Pools by Design

Yes, we’re starting with the obvious! A plunge pool is a great choice for a small backyard or even a courtyard. With its full pool depth, extensive relaxation & lounging area, it is the perfect small backyard choice for cooling off in summer. Add a heater and spa jets, and you’ve got yourself a mega spa that can be used all year round. Sound appealing? Our Versace pool is the perfect square plunge pool option, with 4 sizes to choose from starting at 3m x 3m.

If you can afford a little extra length, check out our Davinci pool options, with the longest reaching 6.5m while still keeping to only 2.5m width.

1. The Spa

Comfortably seating 8 people, with convenient multiple entry steps, full airbed and optional therapeutic back jets, what’s not to love about the Square Spa pool? At only 2.2m squared, this is a fantastic option for those looking for a bit of relaxing luxury, without much compromise on their backyard space. With a depth of less than a metre, it also doubles up as a great splash pool for little ones learning to have fun in the water. And, just like the plunge pools, the spa makes for a great winter heated pool option at a low cost but maximum enjoyment.

Square Pool Port Pools by Design
1. The Lap Pool

Lap PoolNow, we’ll admit, this isn’t the traditional choice for a “small backyard”. A good Lap Pool is often actually longer and sometimes even wider (hello double lanes!) than many other pool designs. So, why would it make the list for top small backyard pool designs? Because, we’re suggesting it doesn’t go in your backyard!

Port Pools by Design Lap pool with nightlights

This option won’t be possible for everyone, but if you happen to have a wide, unused space down the side of your house then a lap pool might just be your perfect fit and requires next to none of your small backyard space, while making use of an area that’s perhaps currently going to waste. There are a few additional elements to consider such as ensuring correct fencing, visibility and access, but with years in the trade, we’re well versed in unusual pool designs. So, if you think this might be an option but aren’t sure how to make it a reality, give us a call or pop in and we’ll brainstorm a solution with you!

As you can see, a small backyard doesn’t mean having to kiss your dream pool desires goodbye.

At Port Pools by Design, we thrive on finding the perfect fit for your circumstances, so if any of the above ideas have sparked your curiosity, or you’re keen to consider other options that may be a better fit, give us a call on 02 6584 0844 or send through an enquiry to info@portpoolsbydesign.com.au and one of our PPbD Dream Team will be in touch shortly.

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