When We All Pool Together

Cover image courtesy of Focus Magazine, Issue 181

Incredible things happen when we all pool together.
As the rain began to pour down on Friday 19th March, many schools and workplaces issued what they believed to be conservative but sensible recommendations to head home in case of flooding. As the day progressed and the rain persisted, we knew there would be some challenges throughout this wet weekend, but nobody could have predicted the level of destruction that would unfold over the coming days and weeks.

With so many still on the path to recovery after the 2019 bushfires, and many still working through the impact of COVID-19, this unprecedented event was more than enough to push our community beyond the limits. Yet, being the resilient and close-knit community we are, there was not a single delay in the response to help as the water began to dissipate and physical connection to flood-affected areas was once again available. And when the callout came, there was no question amongst the PPbD Dream Team about lending a hand.

With so many incredible individuals, businesses, and community organisations responding rapidly to the extensive needs across our wider region, we focused our efforts on near-by inundated residences along Settlement Point Road, Hibbard Drive, and Hastings River Drive. Arriving with our GTH Earthmoving equipment, expertise, and willing helping hands, we quickly realised we were not alone in our desire to help our community in need.

Despite the extent of the devastation and destruction, it is incredible to see the difference that can be made when we all pool together to help out.

Our experienced team, led by Meredith & Gary, were able to move tonnes of mud and earth, in an effort to get people back into their homes. And, as we continued to do what we know best, fellow mud buddies got to work drawing on their own strengths, from sweeping mud out of houses, piling debris together for collection, baking and delivering much needed food supplies, and providing a listening ear to those beginning to come to terms with the reality before them. It was an enormous effort as we dove into the initial clean up, and we’re so incredibly proud to be a part of such a connected and compassion community.

We would like to thank all of the amazing people we worked with for giving so much and making such a difference.

Food credits to these amazing people:

Lauren Marie and Maureen Highton for co-ordinating to feed the troupes with food from:

We know this list is in no way exhaustive of all who have helped and continue to help our impacted community in this difficult time. Thank you to each and every one of you out there making a difference to help rebuild our beautiful town. Incredible things really do happen when we all pool together.

We know there is a long road ahead to full recovery, but we also know our town is strong, and together, we will rise again.

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