Perfect Plants for Your Poolside Garden

The perfect pool plants will not only bring that paradise feel to your dream pool but can be practical too, providing shade, privacy, and shelter from wind.

The wrong choice of plants, however, can bring headaches, high maintenance, and potential pool damage. Think leaf litter, falling flowers, and reckless roots. No thanks! So, here are a few perfect pool plants to consider adding to your dream pool landscaping plans.


Born without much of a green thumb? Succulents are the perfect plant for you, whether by your pool or anywhere else in and around your house for that matter! Well known for their low maintenance and clean-cut appeal, succulents really are the perfect poolside plant. Some of the more popular poolside succulents you’ll come across include yukka, agave, and aloe vera (with the latter giving you the bonus of a free cooling gel forever at your fingertips!), although there are so many varieties to choose from, with a few colour options too, that we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your landscaping style.


Trees offer a fantastic opportunity for shade but can become a maintenance nightmare if not selected carefully. Some of the basics you’ll want to think about are the root system, leaf and flower drop, sun and shade requirements, and tolerance to chlorine and/or saltwater (depending on the pool water you choose). You’ll also want to do your best to avoid trees that attract bugs and pests or you’ll be forever swooping them out of your splash zone and scooping them out of your filter. If you’re fixed on a desire for the floral look, the frangipani is a popular choice as it not only assists with those summer holiday feels but its much larger leaves and flowers help minimise the pool-scoop factor (keep in mind that any deciduous tree will create an ongoing maintenance need). Citrus trees are also a great option to add a pop of colour without as much leaf litter drama. Finally, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic Lilly Pilly. They are a fast-growing evergreen with minimally invasive roots and can be sculpted into a feature or grown together to form a hedge for privacy.


Ornamental grasses are a fantastic low-maintenance plant for your poolside garden, offering aesthetic appeal without the falling foliage. They also tend to require minimal care, and unlike trees where you’ll need to wait a season or two before really achieving your look, most ornamental grasses will give you some instant visual gratification from day one. Mondo grass is ideal for weaving in between pavers and perfect if you’re wanting to keep your plantline low, while purple fountain grass is a good option for a fuller look with a splash of colour. Bamboo is also a popular choice with its added benefits of shade and privacy, but choose wisely as some bamboos can wreak underground havoc with their invasive roots. Gracilis bamboo (also known as slender weavers) is a very popular option across Australia as it will grow in most soil types, acts as fantastic privacy screening, and is not prone to pest or disease problems. As long as it is prepared properly, it is an affordable and attractive poolside garden option.

Still having troubles deciding which are the perfect plants for your poolside garden? Give us a call and our resident green thumb, Meredith Howard, will be more than happy to assist.
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