The Port Pools by Design Difference

The decision to install a swimming pool in your home shouldn’t be made lightly. Neither should the pool builder you choose to install it.

With so many factors to consider in order to ensure you end up with the pool of your dreams, you need complete trust in your pool builders’ experience, expertise and service delivery. So, why should you choose Port Pools by Design to work with you to bring your home swimming pool dream to life? Here’s a little about what we like to call the Port Pools by Design Difference.

We pour our heart and souls into every project

At Port Pools by Design, pools are our passion and we design, build and install your dream swimming pool as if it were our own. From selecting the right shape, size and colour, to considering the best surrounding landscapes, we imagine every detail of your design. We work with you to bring your pool dream alive just the way you want it to. And we promise, it will be nothing less than what we’d love in our own backyard. 

Our prices are all-inclusive and we don’t skimp on quality

Ever been excited about a new purchase, only to discover all the add-ons and up-sells you need to actually get what you want? Don’t fear – you’ll never have that experience with us. At Port Pools by Design, we offer an all-inclusive contract, with no hidden extras and premium equipment as standard. We give you the best from the start at very competitive prices. From the brightest LED lights on the market thanks to Spa Electrics, to Waterco premium equipment, our packages assume quality to be a necessity. A PPbD Pool gives you all the right premiums without the shock factor of un-budgeted and often expensive add-ons. 

We see your pool through from start to finish

Starting with the very first inkling of a design idea, right down to the finishing touches on your landscaping, the PPbD Dream Team are with you all the way. We pride ourselves on being a complete pool-build service and can manage everything from pool installation and restorations to fencing, pool cabanas, tiling, plumbing, paving & water features. We’ll even take care of your Development Applications (DA) and Construction Certificates (CC) if it makes it easier for you. Our director, Meredith Howard, oversees your project at all stages to ensure your pool is completed to perfection, and because we only work on one pool at a time, you get our full focus to get you swimming as soon as physically possible.

Digging pool hole using excavation equipment
Putting in a pool using excavation equipment
We don’t subcontract any of our work out

Ever come across those renovation horror stories where one aspect of the renovation is left hanging by a delay with one contractor? Which, of course, throws the rest of the project out, leaving the homeowner to juggle a nightmare reschedule across contractors. At Port Pools by Design, this is never a reality because we simply don’t subcontract any of our work. 

With over 25 years in the earthmoving business, we’re not just your pool installation specialists – we are your complete pool project specialists. We own more machines, and bigger truck and dogs than anyone on the Mid North Coast, and because we mix all crusher dust and cement at our yard, you’ll have a lot less mess and a quicker install. We’ll also remove all clean fill from the site at no extra cost to you. You won’t even see an extra charge for rock excavation! 

Did we mention pools are our passion?

We weren’t joking! But of course, why take our word for it? Because, well, yes, we’re bound to be a little biased. So, check out our reviews on Google and Facebook, and decide for yourself. If you like what you read or have any questions, we’re ready to take your call on 02 6584 084

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