6 Tips to save money on pool maintenance

Think pool maintenance needs to break the bank? Think again.

With some simple strategies up your sleeve, you can enjoy your home swimming pool without breaking the bank. Here are our top 6 tips to save money on pool maintenance.

1. Minimise water wastage

Reducing the amount of water you use to maintain your pool is not only good for the environment, but good on your wallet, too! Save on your water bill by following some simple water saving practices, like using a pool cover, keeping an eye out for leaks, and not overfilling when it’s time to top up the water levels. Flashback to our Water Week article for more tips on being water wise with your pool maintenance.

2. Don't over-clean

Yes, we know we bark on a lot about keeping a regular routine to your pool clean, and you should. But, there is definitely such a thing as an over-clean pool, which sees you throwing money down the drain (almost literally!) on unnecessary chemicals and equipment overuse. Not to mention the time you’ve spent cleaning that you could be splashing instead. Keep it clean? Yes. But no need to over-do it.

3. Choose the cheap time to use your equipment

Take advantage of your electricity off-peak times and time your filter to run within these hours. You should find 10-12 hours per day is enough for your filter to do its job well. You might also want to consider when and for how long you run any additional features, such as lighting and water features. Heading out for the day? Switch them off and enjoy the reduction on your electricity bill and carbon footprint!

4. Clean your filter regularly

We find this one is often forgotten in the regular maintenance sessions, and also not one generally associated with money-saving tips. But, a clogged up filter has to work harder, doesn’t do as good a job, and adds extra load to your pool pump. This means you’re not only ruining your general cleaning efforts, but you’ll likely need equipment repairs or replacement earlier than necessary. A quick way to burn a hole in your wallet! Taking a few minutes on a regular basis to clean out your filter will keep your equipment working well for years to come.

5. Reconsider your “perfect” temperature

For many, a pool heater is a must have to a successful and popular swim season. With our weather becoming more and more unpredictable, choosing your pool temp is a luxury worth paying for! That said, if you’re maintaining your pool at warm-bath temperatures, you’re potentially chewing through dollars unnecessarily. Try a couple of weeks with the temp turned down a few degrees and see if you adjust well. Not a fan of the slightly cooler temp? You can still save good money by adjusting your temperature (or even turning the heater off) when you know the pool won’t be in use for a while. Just remember to switch it back on before the next splash you you might get a rude shock!

6. Invest in a bi-annual cleaning and maintenance service

Many people are quite happy to DIY the general maintenance efforts throughout the year and happily save a considerable amount of money in doing so. If this is you, you might like to consider investing in a bi-annual professional clean and check. While we appreciate this is an upfront cost you’re currently saving on, getting a pro in to do a health check of the pool, spot any structural concerns, identify any mini leaks, and check your DIY efforts are on point, can save you loads in the long run.

As you can see, just a few small tweaks to your pool maintenance routine and you’ll be reaping the money-saving rewards in no time!
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