5 reasons to invest in a swimming pool in 2021

Deciding whether or not a backyard pool is a good investment for you?

You can almost guarantee that the cost of installing a swimming pool in your backyard will be cheaper than the price of Kim Kardashian’s bathroom sinks… but perhaps that says a little more about Kardashian lifestyle choices than it does about the cost of installing a pool! 

We know that for most families, the decision to invest in a backyard pool is a big one. So why should you trade in your local pool pass to invest your hard-earned money into your own backyard pool oasis? Here are our top 5 reasons to invest in a swimming pool in 2021.

It can increase the value of your property

You’ve likely landed on this post because you’re trying to justify a budget for a new pool. So, it makes sense to kick start with a financial argument. Swimming pools are a popular search requirement for house hunters. In fact, realestate.com.au reported over 7 million searches that featured the word “pool” over the past year. It’s therefore reasonable to assume that a pool can help boost the appeal of your property. In fact, it has been said to increase the value of a property by up to 7%. That said, a quick google search will reveal this to be a contentious topic with mixed reviews. Pools aren’t for everyone and there will be some buyers who view a swimming pool as a hassle or hazard. So, if you’re considering a pool solely for its financial benefit and not for all the wonderful benefits it can bring to home living, you may find safer ways to invest your cash.

It’s fun!

This one is for the hedonists among us; those who live by the YOLO principles and work to live not live to work. ROI doesn’t always have to be about the money! If you’re after an investment that will guarantee an infusion of fun and joy in your life, then a swimming pool is your answer. Whether it’s pool parties for the kids, making Marco Polo memories with the fam bam, or even just having yourself a solo splash fest, a well-designed and effectively temperature-controlled swimming pool can provide you with year-round fun and entertainment. We reckon that alone gives good bang for your buck.

Family of four holding hands while jumping into a pool
It can boost your wellbeing

Fun-factor not quite enough of a justification? What if we told you that said ‘fun-factor’ is scientifically proven to boost your wellbeing? And… the positive emotion infusion that a swimming pool can bring you is just one of the many health benefits of owning your own pool. Research shows that swimming has a significant positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing. It’s a great full body workout, easy on the joints, can relieve muscle tension and back pain, and is a great way to relax and unwind after a solid day’s work. Keen to learn more about the health benefits of owning a swimming pool? Check out our post on Why Owning a Pool is Good For Your Health.

It keeps the kids entertained

If you’re parenting tweens or teens, you’ll have no doubt experienced the testing tantrums associated with trying to drag square eyes away from devices and out the front door for some tech-free entertainment. Investing in a swimming pool means enjoying guilt-free home days, knowing you always have a fun and healthy entertainment option at your fingertips. And even better? Entertaining your kids and their friends just got easier and cheaper! A backyard pool gives you the ticket to swap those expensive outings for budget-friendly but full-of-fun catch ups at home.

It looks good

They say looks aren’t everything, but they’re a nice little bonus, right? We see this investment reason as a little icing topper on an already awesomely-tasting cake. While it may seem somewhat superficial to some, a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing swimming pool area becomes more than just something pretty to look at. Water is known to bring a natural sense of peace and serenity to an environment. Add a water feature and carefully selected surrounds, and you’re well on your way to building a beautiful backyard oasis that will no doubt become one of your most treasured and tranquil spots to relax. That said, planning and prep is key to ensuring you pull off these benefits. A poorly placed pool can not only be an eyesore but negatively impact the usability of your entire backyard. 

Luckily, our highly experienced in-house backyard styling extraordinaire (a.k.a. Project Coordinator), Meredith Howard, has you covered here. Give us a call and put our 20+ years in the business to work, to help you design your dream pool alive.

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