How to Get Your Pool Ready for Spring

Anyone kinda feel winter just didn’t really hit this year?

While we’ve had pretty stunning weather through the traditionally cold months, we know some of you may still have kept your pool in hibernation. With spring now upon us, it’s time to dust off the cover and get your pool ready for spring swimming! 

Of course, if the budget allows it, the simplest thing to do is call in the professionals. They’ll test the water and adjust accordingly, refill if needed, give your pool a good scrub down, and get it looking crystal clear and ready for action. If that’s not an option, or you just prefer the DIY approach, here are a few steps to get your home swimming pool primed and prepped for sunny weather splashing.

Clean your pool cover

If you have a cover on your pool (which we highly recommend if you’re the winter pool hibernation type), it can be tempting to just peel it straight back and dive on in, come that first warm day, but doing so is only going to cause more clean-up chaos now and in the future. Firstly, you’re likely to find the dust and debris will happily re-home itself on the surface of your pool defeating much of the cover’s purpose in the first place. Secondly, a dirty cover rolled up and sitting in the sun is only inviting algae to grow. So, as annoying as it may be, it’s worth putting the time in to sparkle that cover up. You can use a cover pump up any debris and broom off the dust before rolling up the cover.

Check and reconnect your equipment 

If it’s been a while since you’ve last used your pool, and especially if home organisation is one of your…let’s say… ‘growth’ goals, it’s time to do the house and shed hunt for all the important equipment. The list usually includes a pool testing kit, leaf scooper, pool brush, hose, and of course the all-important pool toys and fun gadgets. Check for any kinks or holes in hoses (and blow up flamingoes!), clean out the filter and make sure it is working, test the heater, and give the pump a kick over. Be sure to do a quick safety check, too, that all equipment is in proper working condition and there are no new electrical items or cables surrounding the pool that have made their way into the splash zone over the cooler months.

It’s time to get your hands dirty…or at least your tools

By now you’ll have already cleaned out your filter, but be sure to clean out the skimmer box, rake out the leaves, and scrub down the walls. If you’ve got a pool vacuum, get it fired up and in action. We also recommend cleaning down the pool surroundings because what’s on the outside will quickly make its way in once the pool’s back in action! Be sure to keep an eye out for backyard “friends” that may have taken up home in the area during the quieter months.

Check your H2O

It’s quite likely that your water levels will be down a little, given the many beautifully sunlit days we’ve had this winter, so check and fill appropriately. It’s a good idea, during this ‘ready for spring’ step, to check for any structural damage, possible cracks or leaks. If you notice anything even a little unusual, it’s always a good idea to get it checked out sooner rather than later, so be sure to call if you need any help. Once you’ve refilled your pool, you’ll need to let the pump run through for 24 hours before testing the water. While fibreglass pools have less chance of growing unwanted guests like algae because of their smooth surface, it’s still important to check your water chemistry, ensuring the right kit for your pool type and following the instructions of your pool testing kit.

Check and reconnect your equipment 

The beauty of fibreglass pools is that they’re generally faster and easier to keep clean and well balanced, but a little regular maintenance still goes a long way to ensuring a great pool season! Keep a regular eye on your filter, ensure the water levels stay above the skimmer box opening, and scoop out any debris on a weekly basis. 

With a little TLC done and dusted, your pool is ready for spring splashing and all that’s left to do is throw on the togs and dive right in. Happy spring swimming!

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