Keep Your Pool Cool this Summer

Keen to beat the heat? Here are some tried and tested tips to keep your pool cool this summer.

We often talk about (and have plenty of solutions for) pool heating but pool cooling doesn’t seem to get much airtime. Yet, our scorching Port Macquarie summer heat can lead to water temperatures that aren’t so ideal for that refreshing cool down you’re seeking from your backyard pool oasis. Not to mention the extra maintenance hassle that comes from unnecessary evaporation. So, how can you keep your pool at the right level of cool this summer?

Here are a few tips to consider:

Install a thermal heat pump

We’ve all heard of reverse cycle air conditioning, but did you know the same thing exists in the pool world? Yes, the right sort of thermal heat pump will keep your pool at your preferred temperature all year round. It might not be the cheapest or most energy efficient method, but it’s guaranteed to get the job done every time! That said, there are a few other tricks and tips we recommend that will keep your pool cool while also keeping your energy bill at bay and your carbon footprint that little bit lower, too.

So…moving onto tip #2.

Add a pool cover

If you read our last article, you’ll know that using a pool cover can reduce evaporation by up to 95%, which means it not only saves water (and therefore money on your water bill), but is a sensible investment when it comes to keeping those scorching sun rays from sizzling up your pool water temperature. And, of course, less time leaf dredging is a nice added bonus! So, if you’re looking to install a water cooling accessory that doesn’t require a spike in your energy costs, a pool cover is definitely your best bet.

White pool cover for pool
Install a water feature

Not just a pretty feature or a tranquil sound, a waterfall or fountain is a great way to take the edge off that Port Macquarie summer heat, given that moving water stays cooler than still water. As the pool water streams through the fountain it scores a breath of fresh air, returning to your pool nice and refreshed. While you’ll find this water cooling top tip will work better in the early morning or evening when the air is a little cooler, you should still notice at least a little difference at any time of day.

Run your filter at night

A water feature out of your budget and a heat pump a little OTT for your liking?? Simply switch the time of day you run your filter. Running your pool filter at night works on the same principles as installing a water feature, cycling the water through the cooler air and thus acting as a cooling strategy to drop your pool temperature by a couple of degrees or so by morning. We won’t lie, it’s not going to match the temperature drop of the previous options, and its effects will really only hold true for morning swims, but it also requires no investment and very little extra effort, so it’s a great budget friendly way to test taking your pool water from slightly suspicious warmth to a relaxing and refreshing temperature.

Got your own top tip?

We’ve come across plenty of other DIY water cooling solutions over our many years in swimming pool design and installation, from piling in the ice cubes, to water cycling with super soakers and to that we say, each to their own and whatever works! So, if you’ve got a tried and tested water cooling strategy (or perhaps at least a funny story at a failed attempt) we’d love to hear it! Send it through to and your story may even score a mention on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Here’s to keeping your pool cool this summer!

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